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Company development

UGRUPPE is a holding company founded in 2022 by Ufuk Günet.

The group comprises Batin Gebäudereinigung GmbH, UP & Clean GmbH and UGRUPPE – Personalservice.

Ufuk Günet


Ufuk Günet

During his law studies at the University of Würzburg from 2007 and his subsequent training as a tax administrator, Mr. Günet learned about the sector and its challenges from the ground up. He developed his management skills during breaks in study semesters. His many years of experience as a manager of a facility management company provide Mr. Günet with the expertise needed in many areas of his holding company. As a young, goal-oriented entrepreneur with many contacts within the industry, he focuses his energy on achieving project success and ensuring the satisfaction of his customers.

"The stairway of life leads up to success"

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